Tried and Tested

Tried and Tested

Our our solutions are tried and tested. It takes a team of multidisciplinary members to research all aspects. Sometimes it is difficult to demonstrate facts that are so obvious, we have no regard for them anymore.

You told your children how much a box of chocolates would have set you back when you were their age. Now you have gold and you bemoan the situation. Gold is "up" or "down". If you fall for that claptrap, you have contradicted yourself when telling the chocolate story to your children.

Your gold holdings have not shrunken and neither has its purchasing power. A paper money note is an inferior irredeemable instrument and it loses value all the time. That is what you told your children.

Gold cannot be beaten. When it is going "up" or "down" gold has not moved, but the dollar has given away it volatility. It is the dollar that can gain or loose value against gold and NOT the other way round. Why? Gold has constant marginal utility. The dollar has not. Fiat currency's have a 100% mortality rate. Just like humans. Gold is still around after millennia. End of story. If you believe something else, you have been conned and if you keep believing it, you are deluding yourself.

This knowledge suffices to make your gold holding work for you. We will show you how. Get ready. Start here: Register

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