Sandeep Jaitly

Sandeep Jaitly

Director, Fekete Reseach, MondOr

Sandeep Jaitly is a professional fund manager in London and Director of Research for Fekete Research.

Sandeep attended Tiffin School and read mathematics at Imperial College, London. On graduation, he began working in finance at Odey Asset Management in London. Currently, Sandeep is an investment manager and strategist at First International Group plc. in London. Since encountering Prof. Fekete’s work, Sandeep has been concentrating on its application to practical investment – with emphasis on the gold market. Sandeep lectures worldwide on a broad range of topics related to Mengerian economics with Prof. Fekete. Sandeep manages a global equity fund as well as the Globex Bullion fund at First International Group plc.

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