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Prof Carl Menger discovered and formulated subjectivism in economics in the second half of the 19th century. Jevons and Walras did likewise. The Walrasian equilibrium version was adopted in mainstream economics. Subjectivism as Menger described it, was ridiculed as 'Austrian' economics.

Prof. Antal Fekete founded the New Austrian School of Economics in honour of C. Menger. His philosophy was public and clear: he could only approve of disequilibrium economics. He combatted mediocrity that relied on 'equilibria'.

Today, we are grateful that Prof. Fekete shared his insights with the world. Scientific discoveries are not to be kept secret. We disseminate Pure (Austrian) Economics, not for the benefit of politics. YOU get the benefit of all of our ongoing research. Enjoy !

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You should not enroll for courses if you don't wish to. There are a lot of free courses, difficult enough as they are, to wrap your head around. You should reject positivism and dualism. You should reject the QTM. You should reject bad science. If you do not know what we are talking about, maybe you should consider enrolling then...!

Most thinking people have come to the sober realisation that many things are going wrong in their world. It does not take a genious to figure that out. It takes more intellectual curiosity to find out what exactly is wrong. It takes equally a lot of courage to stand up against politicised academics. It takes YOU to stand up against deluded, derailed and frankly dangerous idiots that run the lunatic asylum we send our children to. That is why !

Austrian economists are heterodox thinkers, following in the steps of the founding father Carl Menger, who was the tutor of crownprins Rudolph of the Austrian Empire. But the World Wars have diffused the message of Menger. He rejected equilibrium economics. He rejected the Quantity Theory of Money. He rejected mediocrity. We should not deviate from clear principles as these. It is time for economics to grow up and chase out the barking clowns.

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